Charles Wolfe Edition

Charles Wolfe:
b. Riverside, California 1964
Residing and working in
California and Indiana

SoundMaster Engineering
N. Hollywood, 1986
California State University,
Long Beach
Bachelor Digital Fine Art, 1996
Nash Editions, 1994-99
Fat Planet, 1995-96
Sun Imaging, 1991-2012
Wolfe & Sons Farms,

Axe, British Steel,
Greg Leon,
The Mob, London,
The Safaris


The Decline of Western Civilization, Part II
, 1987
Mojave Green, 2004

Print/Digital Media:
Prix Ars Electronica, 1994

Selected Clientele, 1986-Present:
Adeline Yen Mah
Judy Henske
Heather Locklear
Melinda Ritz
David Coverdale
Rick Derringer
Paul Di'Anno (Iron Maiden)
Florentine Films
Guns N' Roses
Stephen Hannock
Jensen Communications
Long Beach City College
Graham Nash
Stephen Stills
James Graham & Sons
Gerry Tolman (CSN)


Wolf Editions was founded by California Native-born Contemporary Artist Charles Wolfe. WE sprang up out of a 1990s digital imaging print studio in Orange County, CA.. just a few blocks from Disneyland..

In Los Angeles WE worked w/ clients at CBS Studios and Warner Bros. in 'The Valley' concurrently winding [properly] and unwinding mic cables for record producer Max Norman and late friend Mick Zane.
Indeed WE was all over L.A... even the 'South Bay', as apprentice pioneer printmaker and webmaster for Nash Editions (the first fine art digital printmaking outfit in the world whose early hardware is in The Smithsonian). Wolfe found a treasure trove of talent via NE including master luminescent oil painter Stephen Hannock. Wolfe would soon be handling web presence also for Stephen Stills, CSN manager.. the late Gerry Tolman, PR Firm Jensen Communications, artists Judy Henske, Craig Doerge and Florentine Films.

WE has worked with educators, small and large business, physicians, non-profit organizations including Academy, Emmy and Oscar award-winning artists locally, nationally and abroad.


Santa Barbara, CA July 4 ,1999

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